Resident X: step by step walkthrough of the game

Resident X is a visual novel for adults with puzzles, exploration, and adult scenes. After his parents die at a young age, you play as Lucas, who now lives with his parents’ closest friend and longtime neighbor, Sadie. Since he has lived this new life, strange occurrences have happened, and it is up to him to decide what happens in this house. In this article you will find everything about Resident X: step by step walkthrough of the game.

What is Resident X

Resident X (18+) is a visual novel that is sure to please fans of frank adventures, and even with drawn graphics. At the same time in the project is a system of choice and impressive by its criteria for the freedom of determining the vectors of development. Of course, within the limits of the created scenario. It starts pretty standard, but soon acquires a nice amount of details and details, among which is the one that knocks the protagonist off his usual path of life. Players will have to understand in detail what is happening and find out the reasons for the abrupt change in the character’s aspirations.

If in porn games you are primarily interested in realistic graphics, it makes sense to look for other options. Resident X is a game for fans of graphic design, so you may think that it is not very realistic. But if we are talking about the genre of the game, the graphics look very appropriate and interesting. At the moment you can easily find a lot of new games in the pornographic genre. But if you are planning to try some of the most popular games of this genre, don’t forget about Resident X.

The fascinating part of the Resident X game is the storyline. Here, of course, like in any other porn games, you will be offered a lot of erotic scenes that you can open when you are playing the game. But besides the eroticism, there are many other plot twists and turns that make you involved into the gaming process. The events are constantly changing and every time you can discover many new fascinating storylines. 

The erotic scenes in Resident X are well developed. If you don’t mind the drawn graphics in porn, it all looks very beautiful. At the moment there are a lot of porn games that do not differ from each other. Here everything is a little bit different. This game has its own features that will make you come back to it again and again. The porn elements give the game credibility and let the players feel the rush of pleasure while passing the standard plot situations. Although if you compare the game to other porn games, the plot here is very entertaining. Resident X is a great game that will appeal to many fans of the porn genre. Especially those gamers who are fond of drawn porn and storyline walkthroughs that allow you to unlock different porn scenes will like it.