Summertime Saga adult game survey

One of the top projects on Patreon is an erotic visual novel Summertime Saga adult game survey. How could a game of quite a niche genre interest the audience and collect such a serious amount of money?

The plot

The game begins with a sad story of our main character. His father is killed by unknown assailants, his mother owes a lot of money on his father’s debts, and his sister dropped out of college and sits all day in her room, not thinking about finding a job. All this legacy from Daddy will have to be sorted out with our capable hands. 

If anyone was counting on a standard dating simulator, they both hit the mark and completely missed. The game has a long through plot, the development of relationships with many girls on elaboration pulls on separate novellas, a lot of events happen only after the progression of the main plot. But, nevertheless, the game has so much sex that by the middle of the passage, without having made a relationship with half of the girls, the protagonist can jump from bed to bed all game day.


Summertime Saga is a visual novel, so let’s take a closer look at the exterior. As much as you may not want to bounce around in the beds of beautiful ladies, many potential players may be put off by the author’s artistic style. It’s not that someone does not know how to draw – the author is just able to draw, painstakingly observing the overall style of the project. It is to this style most of the complaints. Is it strange? There’s enough complaints about the artwork on the internet, ranging from “this isn’t anime” to “who let this handiworker make this game?” There’s also plenty of rapturous praise. In the end, it is what it is. Bright, varied, but not everyone will like it.

Characters and setting

The world of the game is abundantly populated with its own charming characters. Numerous girls differ not only in appearance, as is often the case in dating sims. The author is not lazy to write the characters. Even the bandits of the ruthless mafia are endowed with their own charisma of scoundrels. Well, and the girls in their ruths as properly revealed. For their stories, for the development of relations with the main character it is interesting to watch, at times forgetting what genre game is running. Until the first erotic scene. 

It is fun to play. Simple quests “go there and do that”, stress-free mini-games, the abundance of girls and all kinds of scenes with their participation – no time to get bored. Turning off the game surprised – where did six hours of life go? It seems that just clicked the mouse in the world of teen erotic comedy.